Monday, October 31, 2011

10-30 thru 11-5

This week is pretty ripe for good deals. The Mega event is back at Kroger which almost always means pretty decent deals. Foodland even has a few really good chances to stock up on dinner basics.

Just wanted to touch on our couponing ethics really quick. Please DO NOT clear the shelves. The restrictions are getting really out of hand because of the complaints from customers about shelf clearers. It is very rude and inconsiderate of your fellow shoppers and they do not appreciate it. Kroger has already implemented a 5 like coupon restriction per day. This means that if you wanted to do all your shopping in one trip and get, for example, 10 toothbrushes for your family of 5 (yeah using myself) to have enough to last until the next sale, you can't do it. You have to make 2 separate trips. Considering I personally live 35 minutes away from the nearest Kroger, it is a real pain in the rear. This is what "Extreme" couponers have cost us.

Let's be clear about what is and is not shelf clearing. If they only have 5 of an item (for example Dr Pepper 10 which have get 1 free coupons currently) and you can tell that they usually carry a lot more, getting your 5 would not be considered clearing. If you take every item which is decently full on a shelf just because you got a coupon for it, even though you know your family won't use it anytime soon, then yes you are being a shelf clearer.

I am discussing this because in my trips to the grocery stores, I do interact with the cashiers and other employees to find out what is going on behind the scenes so to speak. I want to know what, if anything, I can do to keep coupons welcome at the stores. The more that we listen to the peeves and try to avoid them, the more flexibility that we will have when those really great deals come along. I REALLY can't fathom any more restrictions or loss of privileges at the grocery store. There has been a buzz about how much of a pain it was that some of the couponing groups were "encouraging hoarding". This makes it look bad on those of us who try to be respectful at the store.

Now to the part you have been waiting for.....


Campbell's Cream of Mushroom/Chicken soup... .49

     .25/4 (10-9 SS)=.37

Crest toothpaste ... $1
     .50/1 (10-30 PG)= FREE

Dannon Yogurt 4-6 ct ... 1.49
      $1/1 (10-2 SS)=.49

Domino Sugar 4 lb ... 2.49
     .50/1 (10-16 RP)= 1.49

Green Giant Vegetables 7-10 oz ... $1
     .60/3 (10-2 GM)= .80*

Huggies Diapers, Pull Ups, or Goodnites ... 9.39
     $3/1 Little movers (10-23 SS)= 6.39

Johnsons Baby Care ... 2.49
     .50/1 (9-11 SS2)= 1.49

Kleenex Tissues ... .99
     .50/3 (10-2 SS)=.66

Oral B Tooth brush ... $1
     .75/2 (10-30 PG)=.63

Pepperidge Farm Bread or Dessert ... 1.99
     .40/1 (Texas Toast or loaf 10-16 SS)=1.19

Sara Lee Homestyle Pie ... 3.99
      $1/1 (10-23 SS)= 2.99

Stouffers Family Size Entrees ... 5.99
     $1/1 (9-25 SS)= 4.99

V8 Juice ... 2.19
     .50/2 (10-2 SS)= 1.69

* Unsure about the Green Giant coupon. There were several put out in October for different frozen items. Depending on what select items are on sale, there could be even better deals out there. Please keep us posted if you make a trip to Kroger as to which coupons or items are valid for this sale! Help a group out... lol.

Also, any coupons from the 9-11 and 10-2 weeks, if you have to order coupons, please get in touch with me first. I still have several books of coupons that are from these weeks.

Monday, October 10, 2011

October 9 - 15

This week the sale winner is Foodland! Their customer appreciation sale is rounding this week off with some great buys in the meat department, produce, as well as the rest of the sale. Some of the highlights include:

Progresso Soup ... $1 each
     $1/4 = .75 each

General Mills Cereal ... $2 each
     $1/2 = 1.50 each
     $1/3 = 1.66 each

Fiber One Cereal Bars ... $2.79
     .40/1 = 1.99 each

Nature Valley Granola Bars ... $2.79
     .75/1 = 2.04

Pillsbury Crescent Rolls ... $2.50
     .40/2 = 2.10 each

Pillsbury Grands Sandwiches or Scrambles ... $2.00
     $1/1 = 1.00 each

Each of the above items are subject to a special incentive catalina 
deal! When $25 of the above items are purchased in one transaction, you 
will receive two $5 catalina coupons toward your future visit. So how can you 
maximize your savings with this deal? Simply use your coupons to stock
up on the great cereal deal, crescent rolls for Thanksgiving, Progresso soup for winter, 
and what ever other deals you choose. Then when you check out, make 
sure you divide your totals up to where you have 
$25, after coupons, on separate transactions. 

Don't forget to use your Fuel Links card when checking out. You will not 
receive your catalinas without it! You can use your catalinas to 
purchase your 8 lb. bag of potatoes for $1.98, or take advantage of their meat 
sale and freeze enough meats to last you for a few weeks. 

You can even check the expiration date on the catalina and wait until the 
next week's sale is out on Friday at Towne-N-Country to see 
what you can get with the new sale that will run. Whatever you do, 
let your catalinas that you work so hard to get go out of date!


Gillette Body Wash ... $2.99
     $2/1 = .99 each

Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls 5ct ... $1
     .40/2 = .60 each

Pillsbury Crescent Rolls 4ct ... $1
     .40/2 = .60 each

Pillsbury Grands Biscuits 4 ct ... $1
     .40/3 = .73 each

General Mills Treats ... $2
     .50/1 .... 1.00 each

Febreeze Air Effects or Set and Refresh ... $2.49
     $1/1 .... 1.49 each

New York Bread ... $2.50
     .40/1 = 1.70

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Coupon Preview

All information was taken from the Sunday Coupon Preview

Smartsource coupon preview
Regional coupon inserts & value differences are to be expected!
(/X) after coupon = expiration date
() before coupon = multiple of same coupon
ETS = excludes trial sizes
DND5 = coupon states Do Not Double, but barcode starts w/a 5
Smartsource coupon insert
Similac Product Save $2/1 (11/30)
Jergens Save $1/1 jergerns moisturizer 7.5 fl + or Jergens Natural Glow Moisturizer excluding 2 fl oz body moisturizer (12/3)
Ban Deodorant Save $1/2 (12/03)
John Frieda Product Save $2/1 exclude trial size, radiant red or luminous color glaze (12/3)
John Frieda Root Awakenig product Save $2/1 (12/3)  ETS
John Frieda Save $2/1 Precision foam colour (12/3)
Curel Save $2/1 Itch Defense or sensitive Skin remedy Moisturizers 7.5oz or + (12/3) ETS
Curel Save $1/1 any curel moisturizer 3.5oz + (12/3) ETS
Dole Fruit Smoothie Shakers Save $1/2 (12/31)
Dole Frozen Fruit Single-Serve cups Save $1/2 (12/31)
Smart Balance Buttery spreads or Buttery sticks Save $1/2 (11/23)
Smart Balance Rich Roast peanut butters Save $1/1 (11/23)
Smart Balance carton milk Save $.75/1 (11/23)
Smart Balance Cooking Oil or spray Save $1/1 (11/23)
Smart Balance Popcorn Save $1/1 (11/23)
Smart Balance Omega Plus Light Mayonnaise Dressing Save $1/1 (11/23)
DI Lusso Save $1/1 on one half pound of Di Lusso genoa or Sopressata Salami (12/31)
Pedia Care Product Save $1/1 (3/31/12)
Zegerid OTC Product Save $2/1 (11/27)
Zegeric Save $6/1 only 42 count OTC Product (11/27)
Resolve Save $.50/1 Laundry Pre-Treat Product (11/20)
Sargento Natural Sliced Cheeses Save $1/2 (11/20) dnd
Boudreaux’s product Save $1/1 (12/31)
Fisher Snack Nut Save $1/1 4oz + (12/9)
Fisher Fusions Items Save $1/2 4oz + (12/9)
Bausch +Soothe eye drops Save $4/1 (1/31/12)
Bio True Save $1.50/1 Bio true multi-purpose solution 10oz + (12/9)
Bio True Save $3.00 on twin pack of Biotrue or Renu Fresh multi-purpose solution (12/9)
Schick Razor Save $2/1 disposable razor pack not valid on 2 count (11/20)
Spot Shop Save $1/1 Instant Carpet Stain & odor eliminator (12/31)
Flushes 2000 Save $1/1 toilet cleaner (12/31)
Carpet Fresh Save $1/1 Instant Carpet odor eliminator (12/31)
X-14 Save $1/1 Mold & Mildew Tile Stain Eliminator (12/31)
Glade Décor Scents Electric Warmer Save $.75/1 (11/19)
Glade Décor Scents Glass Holder Save $.75/1 (11/19)
Glade décor scents refill packs Save $1/2 (11/19)
Glade Fabric air odor eliminator product Save $1.25/1 (11/19)
Alive Save $2/1 Multi-vitamin product (1/31/12)
Enzimatic Therapy Probiotic Pearls product Save $2/1 (1/31/12)
PopCorn Shrimp Buy one 20oz or larger Get Save $5.00 off popcorn fish 22oz (10/23) limit one coupon per purchase
Northland Dark Fruit Juices Save $1/2 (12/31)

RedPlum Coupon Preview
Sunday coupon preview
Regional coupon inserts & value differences are to be expected! (x) before coupon = multiple of same coupon
ETS = excludes trial sizes
Save $1.00/1 20 oz la looks product (1-9-12
save $2.00/1 purchase of i-cool (12-31)
save $2.00/1 garnier moisture 11-20)
save $3.00 on IAMS sporting formula dry dog food 35 lb bag (12-31)
save $2.00/1 centrum adult (12-4)
save $2.00/1 centrum silver adult (12-4)
save $1.00/1 childrens dimetapp product (11-15)
save $.75/1 minute rice whith the purchase 1 mrs dash (11-30)
save $.50/1 minute rice (12-31)
save $1.00/1 variety of land o frost bistro favorites (12-31)
save $1.00/1 maybelline NEW YORK mascara (12-9)
save $1.00/2 sparkle paper towels (11-19)
save $2.00/1 listerine TOTAL CARE ZERO (12-31)
save $1.00/1 listerine (12-31)
save $1.00/1 listerine WHITENING (16 oz) (12-31)
save $3.00/1 shade samy fat foam (12-31)
save $2.00/1 nature smart ester-c (tablet or powder) (12-7)
save $5.00/1 osteo bi-flex (12-20)
save $5.00/1 dermaskin 5 minute or 90 second (10-31)

Monday, October 3, 2011

October 2-8

This week has a few decent opportunities for us to grab some deals.

Don't forget, Towne-N-Country, in Chapmanville, has overlapping sales over the weekend. Meaning, this week's sales should run through Sunday and next weeks deals should be active as of Friday. This has been the case more than one trip in the past. Perhaps we can knock out 2 weeks' shopping all in the same trip? I will post the next week's sale as soon as I get my hands on the sales paper.

Welcome to all the new members to our little group. Please feel free to ask any questions that you may have. Don't forget you can also message me through Facebook via our group page.


Rice Krispies Treats ... 2/$4
     Ebay - $1/2 = $1.50 each

Hunts Tomatoes ... $1
     Dede - $1/4 = .75 each
                .45/4 = .70 each

Campbell's Soup at Hand ... $1
     Dede - .50/2 = .50 each

Campbell's Ready Serve Bowls ... $1
     Dede - .50/2 = .50 each

Sargento Shredded Cheese ... $2
     Ebay - .55/1 = 1.45 each

Ragu Pasta Sauce ... .98
     Dede - .75/2 = .61 each

Betty Crocker Helpers ... .88
     Dede - .75/3

There are also AWESOME deals on their meats this week due to their customer appreciation sale. If you like sausage, Mountaineer Sausage is on sale for $1.25 per ROLL this week. You can afford to buy some to stock up at that price! I sure have. My kids love when this sale comes around.


Lipton Natural Tea 20 oz. ... $1
     Ebay - .50/1 = FREE
                $1/2 = .50 each

Campbell's Chicken Noodle & Tomato Soup ... 5/$3 (.60 each)
     Dede - .40/4 = .40 each

Campbell's Chunky Soup ... 4/$6 ($1.50)
     Dede - .50/2 = $1 each

Campbell's Select Harvest Soups ... 4/$6 ($1.50)
     Dede - .50/2 =$1 each

As you can tell, it is a very good week to stock up on Campbell's soups. All kids love chicken noodle soup with a grilled cheese on a cold, wet day. Most adults that I know enjoy the same as well.

I was not 100% sure about the meat prices at either store. There were a few I believed a pretty decent choice, but without a bit of feedback, I think I may just stick to the manager's specials at Wal Mart.

By all means, please check out the meat sales, especially the Customer Appreciation sale at Foodland, and tell us what you think about the "sale" prices on the meats.

Most coupons available at Dede are available on Ebay as well. Each match-up has the link you should be able to use to get your coupons. If you need any help, just send me a message. I will be happy to help any way I can.

Happy Couponing!