Monday, November 14, 2011

Nov. 13-19

This week there are a few in-store deals that I strongly encourage you to look over and consider. Both stores I focus on, Kroger and Foodland, have some sales you may be interested in. Please remember that Ebay and Coupon Dede are the two sites that I found to be the easiest to use, as well as the benefit of using PayPal which protects you in internet transactions. If you need any help Ebaying, shoot me a message on Facebook and I will be happy to help!

Now for the part you come to see....


In-Store Special: Buy any 4 participating items from General Mills, Pillsbury, Nature Valley, Fiber One, Betty Crocker, or Cascadian Farms and you will save $3 at the register.

(there is no list of these items, the ad shows Pillsbury pie crusts, General Mills cereals and other items... call the store for more information.)

Philedelphia Cream Cheese ... 1.50
     $1/3= 1.17 ea
     $1/2= 1.00 ea

8 ct Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls ... 1.88
     .50/1= .88 ea

8 ct Pillsbury Crescent Rolls ... 1.88
     .40/2= 1.48 ea

8 ct Pillsbury Grands Biscuits ... 1.88
     .30/2= 1.58 ea
     $1/3= 1.55 ea

Marie Callendar's Pies ... 4.99
     $1/1= 3.99 ea

Sara Lee Pies ... 3.99
     $1/1= 2.99 ea

Kraft Mayo ... 3.29
     $1/1= 2.29 ea


In-Store Special: $10 off your turkey with the purchase of 12 selected items.

(There is a specific list with products and current prices listed in their paper and online ad.)

Polmolive Dish Detergent ... 2.50
     .40/1= 1.70 ea
     .75/1= 1.75 ea

Glad Trash Bags ... 3.99
     .75/1= 3.24 ea

Reynolds Aluminum Foil 50-75 sq ft ... 3.99
     .50/1= 2.99 ea

Halls Cough Drops 30 ct ... 1.50
     $1/2= 1.00 ea

Coffeemate Liquid ... 2.00
     .50/1= 1.00 ea

Sargento Shredded ... 2.50
     $1/2= 1.50 ea
     .50/2= 1.50 ea

Parkay ... 2.99
     .75/2= 2.62
     $1/2= 2.49

Birdseye Veggies ... .88
     .50/2= .38 ea

College Inn Broth ... .59

Carnation Cream ... 1.00
     .50/2= .50 ea

Reynolds Turkey Bags ... 2.50
     .50/1= 1.50 ea

Sunday, November 6, 2011

11-6 through 11-12

Pretty decent sales this week. The only fall back I have seen is that most of the coupons for the matches are only found on Ebay. There are some though that were in our inserts in the past, and some that will be in the paper for tomorrow. If you are interested in alternative ways of getting your inserts (maybe you can't beat everyone to the gas station to get your paper, or maybe you are just tired of having to go to multiples), then check out the post with a link to Mad Coupons that can be found on our Facebook page. I really liked their prices in comparison to buying the Gazette.

More than eager to hear some feedback on how your couponing is going. Is there anything I could do to help you to better understand the sales, or maybe why I don't have certain items listed? Is there a particular store that you would like to see me add the match-ups for? Please feel free to shoot me a message or comment. Hard to know what is working for you and what is not.


Campell's Cream of Chicken/Mushroom ... .49
     .40/4 Great for Cooking Soups =.29

Swanson Broth (can) ... .49
     .50/5= .29

Del Monte Tomatoes... .79
     .75/2= .41

Capri Sun ... 1.49

Kraft Salad Dressing ... 1.69

Pop Tarts ... 1.69
     .50/1= .69


Duncan Hines Cake mix ... $1

Pillsbury Brownie mix... $1.25

Please don't forget that it is the holiday season! Not only do you want to stock up for your own family, but there are many drop boxes for foodbanks and charities this time of year around the area. Even if you don't see one, please remember to bless someone you know that is in need. Use your blessings of these savings to help out others that may be going through hard times right now. You never know, maybe they are praying for your open heart.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Wal Mart.......

OK... so our Wal Mart has stopped doubling as of Halloween night :( But this don't mean that we can't get some great deals still. Remember, Foodland and Kroger only doubles up to .50, so our coupons that are over that amount are still just as good since they will honor the price match.

Also, this couponer was told that because of the bad news, Wal Mart was opening their own store coupons that are printables. You can find their store coupons at I am unsure as to if stacking is allowed though. Stacking is when you use a store coupons (does not state "manufacturer coupon", instead states "store coupon", "only valid at ****", or Wal Mart Coupon. I have not printed out any of these just yet either, so not sure how they are worded.

Until my last visit, I was told I was able to use one store and one mfr coupon on the same item. I used this on my Charmin, Bounce, and a couple other items. This was done several times at both the Charleston, and Logan stores. However, last visit to Logan I was told that you couldn't stack by the cashier. Instead of arguing, I just let it go. I will find out and confirm if it is allowed or not by a Head CSM or another member of management. I will also check both stores as well. It may just be the Logan store because of a couple shoppers who have absolutely abused the gift. The Charleston store didn't even blink an eye when I pulled out my Target and mfr coupons on the Charmin.

Hopefully, if Wal Mart gets the programming right for the registers, doubling will resume. I was told that the reason they stopped was because of the holiday shopping. The busiest time of the year combined with the increased sales from the doubling was causing a huge issue  for the cashiers. Doubling has been beginning in different parts of the country every couple of months for a while now. So I am pretty convinced that it should be a temporary issue. Even if the doubling don't resume before Christmas, it could  very well be picked back up after the return rush after the holidays. Let's keep our fingers crossed!

If I hear any new news on my visits, I will post it on our Facebook page as it comes. I do talk to the cashiers at the stores to see if there are any buzzes about changes while I am checking out. I also talk to any stock person that I may encounter to ensure that I have up to date info. So I am always checking this out. Will pass along anything that I hear.