Monday, February 13, 2012

Probably the most controversial topic I will cover....

Let's face it ... the economy is terrible. Many people out there have lost their jobs, or can't get one for one reason or another. Many people are having to sign up for public assistance just to feed their children and families.

I wanted to touch on this subject because many people out there don't know that even if you do have to use EBT (food stamps) funds to purchase your groceries, you most definitely CAN use coupons to do so. I am positive of this fact because I worked for a local Foodland PLUS, if you know me, you know I ask around at every store I go to to ensure that I have all my facts straight before I post anything. Last thing I would want is for someone to be embarrassed at the checkout because I told them something that turned out not to be true.

There is a catch though, and I hate this one, but we can still work with it. You DO still have to pay cash tax on your coupon amount.

I know that anyone who reads this is thinking "then what is the point? If I don't use  coupons, I won't have to have cash and that will save me money."

Have you thought of it this way though.... If you use coupons to save $50 on your groceries, that is $50 MORE you will have left to use on MORE groceries. For that $50, you will have to pay a whole $3.50 (estimated... not to the penny... plucking this from my head using a 7% tax rate estimate).

Now.... by using the coupons, you had to spend $3.50 in cash, so you actually get to buy another $46.50 in groceries. If you are on assistance, buzz me on our Facebook page. I will be happy to dive into this further. I would even share my coupons with you.

Anyone who knows me knows I am more than happy to share. I will help anyone who needs it to make those dollars stretch even further to buy the much needed food to put on your table.

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