Thursday, April 26, 2012

Shopping Strategies for April 22-28

This weekend there are a couple of items that I really want to grab. To those who do not shop and stock pile, my numbers would seem totally ridiculous without a proper explanation. So I will be sure to explain after I have posted my shopping list and budget so you can better understand why.

Let's get the shock over with....

This week there aren't a whole lot of sales, but there were 2 of them that I cannot afford to pass up on: Kroger's Stouffer's Entrees and Foodland's Angel Soft tissue. These are used regularly in my home (as well as in several of your own) and at the time, I am running low (I got 2 - 4pks of Angel Soft and 3 Stouffer's entrees in my freezer).

The Stouffer's has not been on sale like this with coupons of this high of value in the past 6 months that I know of. The Angel Soft was not on sale at all when the last batch of coupons were out last fall, and when the sales did hit a month or so ago, there weren't coupons this good out then. So I did not stock up. This is my weekend.

My shopping list:


Stouffer's Entrees 2/$10 ($5 each)
     coupons $2/1 = $3 each
     My planned purchase.... 15@ $3 = $45

***Retails at a Wal-Mart price of 6.48. The large ones are around $11.00. Even if you buy 2 of the smaller "sale" size to equal the size of the large, you come out cheaper using coupons because you can use 2 coupons on the 2 smaller ones. 


Angel Soft 4pk
     coupons .45/1 = .10 after double
     My planned purchase... 30@ .10 =$3

***I am stocking up so many because I have 3 women in my home and I am not stingy in the least with my goods. You can ask anyone who knows me. I share my good fortune with those who need it. Plus, with a sale this cheap that I don't know will come along anytime soon, I would rather know we had time to find another sale before I run out than to have to pay ^^GULP^^ FULL PRICE for toilet paper.

Superior Hot Dogs
      No coupons
      My planned purchase... 10 @.88 = $8.80

**Just a great price of only .88 each. This is lower than any coupon and sale matches I have found on other brands. Plus, I really like this brand and prefer them.


Clorox Bleach
     Coupons $2/2 = .98 each
     My planned purchase... 10@.98 = $9.80

***Great coupons I got off Ebay a week or two ago. I am always watching for deals on Clorox. Since my coupons are good until 5/14 I am going to hold on to most of them until the last week in case Foodland puts their Clorox back on sale for $1.69 a gallon. $.29 may not seem like much to be saving, but when you buy in bulk, you can save a LOT of money. For example, I have 15 coupons currently. 30 gallons @ 1.68 - $2/2 coupons = 20.40  ... 30 gallons @ $1.98 - $2/2 coupons = $29.40.That .29 just turned into just under $9. Now, what could $9 buy your family to eat tonight?

Got2B Hair Products
     coupons $3/1 = between $1-$2 per item
     My planned purchase... $10 worth (5-8 items)

***High Value coupons that expire 5/12. I plan on holding the biggest part for a possible sale later on these products.

Yes there are only 5 items on my store list for this week. I will spend around $80 (after tax) at the store, and bring home around $220 worth of products for my family to use. Consider this though, when I am at Towne-N-Country Foodland I can also look at next week's deals before the sales papers are even out.

Most of the time I also shop next week's deals and make notes of the ones that I want more of. This allows me precious time to get any coupons that I don't already have, plus to compare them against the preview for coupons that will probably be in our Sunday paper.

Another trick I have in my arsenal is the meat department. They have meats there in a section that actually have coupons for between $1-$4 off. Plus, their pick 5 for $19.99 is awesome. You can get boneless skinless chicken breasts, pork chops, chicken tenders/nuggets, seasoned breasts/wings/leg quarters, and sometimes (if you're really lucky) you can find good looking steaks.

This is another area where I save money by buying and freezing my meats. If you are worried about freezer burn, wrap your packages in Saran Wrap when you get them home. The smaller packages you can put directly down in a freezer bag for added protection, then just rinse the bag and reuse when you use the meat.

I sincerely hope you have learned how my brain works with shopping. Although scary at times, I hope you enjoyed the tour. Please keep all hands and feet inside until the ride comes to a complete stop.... Thank You for coming.... (LOL)

*** denotes notes and strategies

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