Monday, August 15, 2011

Aug. 14-20

OK.... It is the 3rd week of the month, which means we are going to have a pretty decent week for our coupon shopping. There are several price matches which you can use at Wal Mart that may or may not be in your area. I know in Logan County we do not have a CVS store. There are a couple deals to be found that we can get at our local Wally World since they match their prices...

DONT FORGET!!!! Wal Mart will double up to 99c coupons.

Weigh your options carefully though. The registers are not set up for doubles yet, which means that your check out is much slower than if you could go to a store that doubles daily like Foodland or Kroger. Sometimes, it is much simpler just to go to those stores to get your doubles. You save time, both at the check out and, let's face it, you get in and do your business without being distracted. Keep these in mind when planning your method of attack... (lol).

That much being said, please do not forget to use your coupon etiquette when shopping. If you are doubling, make a note of the price. It helps to have the numbers all figured out and ready when you go to the register. The cashiers appreciate your few minutes of preparation. It makes the transaction much smoother for them and you. If the item is 1.64 (Scotchbrite wipes) then you could make a chart resembling this:

This image is an example of my personal printout I take when doubling at Wal Mart. 
Having the math done and prepared for the cashier 
helps the entire process for both you and them.

Prepared using Microsoft Office 2007.
Huggies Easy Ons.... $8.99
     $3 off any one pkg makes then $5.99
     These were in the Sunday Gazette. You can also find them on Ebay

Gain Dish Liquid... 10.3-11 oz ... .99
     .50/1 coupon (Sunday Gazette) = overage of .01c


Sunny D 64 oz... .99c*
     .25/1 coupons found on Ebay=.49ea

Eggo Waffles....$1.99
     Too many variable coupons to list. Check Gazette
     Dede, and Ebay. Final Price varies greatly.

Pop Tarts... 1.59ea
     Most are $1/3 = $1.26 ea

Kraft or Sargento Cheese ... 2.50 
     I found $1/1 Sargento on Ebay = $1.50 ea

Wal Mart

Scotchbrite wipes (IMO better than Lysol) ... 1.64 ea
     .50/1 (Ebay, Gazette, Dede) = .64ea

Reach floss ... .88ea
     .50/1 (ebay) = overage to you of .12 ea.

Tresemme Shampoo & Conditioner ... 2.87
     $1/1 (Ebay, Dede, Gazette) = 1.87 ea

Jimmy D's ...2.28
     .75/1 (Ebay) = .78 ea

*Price when you buy any 10... you receive an additional $5 off at the register. Buy in multiples of 10 to receive this price.

I used to get the prices on the Wal Mart comps. After checking several items, I am reasonable certain that the prices will match to what is in our region. You can also get CVS, Rite Aid, Family Dollar, Dollar General, Target, and Kroger prices there as well. AWESOME resource for the savings that are not advertised in the circular. 

Best of luck and HAPPY SHOPPING!

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