Monday, August 29, 2011


I decided to post a little news posting about recent comments and changes that I have heard while out and about this week. Granted, some of the observations from Wal Mart are opinions and wishes from the cashiers I have spoke to lately. However, the easier that we make it on them, the more likely that it will be that we can keep them saving us more money.

~~~~Kroger News~~~~

While at Kroger today, I learned that they had decided to implement a limit of 5 like coupons per day. Guiltily, I asked as to why they had done this. I, myself, am guilty of taking advantage of the Mega 10 events. Since I buy my Sunday papers 10 at a time, I usually have 10 coupons for my Mega 10. This keeps me from messing up and shorting myself and missing that additional 3 or 5 dollars off the items to get the sale price.

Seems that my conscious is clear this time. After inquiring further as to why the change had come about, I learned that the restriction had come from their corporate office, not from the store manager. The assistant manager I talked to often comes over to me and my mom-in-law-to-be and watches our tally, so she knew who I was. She let me know that my shopping style (LOL) wasn't the problem. There had been several instances in several of the stores where shoppers would literally "clean" the shelves, leaving no product for fellow shoppers. And most of these were doubled coupons, which some seem to forget, double coupons are not fully reimbursed by the manufacturer. What portion of the amount is not covered by the coupon is a cost to the store. Also, there had been complaints about the shelves being "stripped" of particular items.

This is why I always promote couponing within limits. If you got a great deal, go a couple days in the week rather than all in one trip. Get more than one variety of an item (ex. different scents of your shampoo or conditioner). And knowing when the stock truck runs so you can shop just before the shelves are restocked, or being stocked, is another way to keep from leaving gaping holes that flat out tick some shoppers off. This reduces complaints.

~~~~Wal Mart~~~~

Over all, there has been very little negative feedback from Wally World cashiers about the store's new coupon policy. Some cashiers enjoy seeing the awesome savings that are possible when using coupons to their maximum potential. There have been a few that I have spoke to who did ask questions that I thought were really valid when it comes to good old fashioned manners.

Then some who just ask that if you have a substantial amount of coupons, to please not try to go through an express lane. This is common sense to me, but we all see the shoppers with a buggy full of items go to the express lanes that clearly read "20 items or less". The part that gets me is when they see you only have 2 or 3 items and still go right on ahead and cut you off. Can some people not count? Or do they not care that it is just flat out rude? How about the cashier who has to muscle all that stuff through? I worked for Wal Mart before and I can tell you that I hated working express because it made the job 10x more stressful. Even if you do have to wait longer, just remember that when you go to be checked out you are going to take longer than others to start with. May as well get in line with people who already expect to wait rather than those who want to get out of there with their couple of items as fast as possible.

Another cashier I spoke to had a quarrel with some shoppers who didn't understand that they have to ring out every variety of an item. If you have 5 different scents of body wash, they have to ring out all 5 separately. If you put like items together, it makes it much easier on both of you, not to mention faster, and you have time to make it a positive experience. Many want to know where you get them from or if you have a group that you belong to. Many have to support their family on close-to minimum wage jobs. If they have spare brain waves to learn about your coupon skills, that makes them happier too!

Finally, anyone who wishes to get a copy of my sheet I use when doubling at Wal Mart should let me know. I can send you a document that you can save and print when you need it, or if you live close by, I will print them out for you. It is an easy way to make check out a breeze for the cashier. I have enclosed a screen shot of my list below for you to view. Earlier I posted a picture of it, but the settings would not allow a large enough one for you to see the layout.

Prepared using Microsoft Office*

 I feel that using this sheet was pretty much self-explanatory. You list your item, the original or comp price, mark if it is a double or not, then the coupon amount. Next is where you do your math to figure out the amount of the price override in order to take off any doubled amount. Finally, in the last block you put the price, prior to taxes that you will pay on the item or any overages you may earn. 
This sheet kind of can do double duty as well. Because not only can you have the math done and ready for your cashier, but you can also determine exactly how much you are going to need to allot yourself for your trip. Just remember that sometime you can't get all of an item, and of course going into Wal Mart comes with the hazard of buying things you didn't intend on. At least you can keep track of any adjustments that you may need to make.

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