Sunday, July 31, 2011

Double Coupons at Wal Mart in Logan!!


Double coupons have finally become a reality at our local Wal Mart! I spoke with a lady today which confirmed that they did start doubling yesterday and that it went really well. However, double coupons can be canceled at any time. It is not a permanent deal.So double check before you go. Also, there are some etiquette rules that we need to follow to have better chances of keeping this new policy. If we cause too many complaints, we could also loose this great new tool.

  1. Be aware of other shoppers. If you are going to do major coupon shopping, try to go during days and hours when they are not so busy. If there are long lines and you have 20 coupons that have to be doubled, this can majorly impact the cashier's speed and cause problems with customers complaining.
  2. Don't clean the shelves! I cannot stress this enough. If you go in and clean the shelves this can cause customer complaints and when they look back through the reports and see that you got 40 of an item (of course with too many complaints they will begin to look at it harder) then we could cost everyone the right to the great savings.
  3. Let your cashier know ahead of time that you have coupons that double or price matches. The registers are only set up with the normal settings. Until the policy is permanent, the cashiers have to do the same as a comparison and manually adjust the price then scan the coupon to receive the other half of the doubled coupon. This takes time. They cannot do a quantity (combine the like items into one input) unless you have 6+ of an item. Keep this in mind too when you are going. If you have Suave coupons for $1.50 off 3 items (I have these) and you are going to buy 18 (6 coupons worth) bottles of shampoo and conditioner, try to buy in multiples they can do a quantity on without cleaning the shelf. It will make the check out much easier for everyone.
  4. Be kind to the cashier. Good old fashioned manners should be used before, during, and after the transaction. Using thank you, and please will go a long way to keep patience from being worn thin. Remember these are regular people who work for a living and they deserve to be shown kindness. Even if they are a little confused on the new policy, try to help them instead of being reserved. 
  5. If you have several items you want to buy that are comp ads, go to that store.  I know that sometimes it seems more convenient to just go to Wal Mart for everything. But if you are going to coupon for 5 items from Kroger, go there to get your deals. It is less than a 5 minute drive away from Wal Mart and their registers are set up to deliver on your savings. It will keep you sane (you can get in and out much faster and avoid temptations of other purchases) and get you home faster. 
So here are the CONFIRMED changes/additions to the Wal Mart coupon policy.

  1. Coupons up to .99 will be doubled.
  2. Comp ads and doubling will BOTH be allowed.
  3. Competitor catalinas (coupons at the register) will be honored, as will competitor coupons you find in the sales papers. (For example: $5 off meat catalinas that Foodland was giving for purchases of $50 or more pre-tax.)
  4. A competitor coupon and manufacturer coupon can be used on the same item for even greater savings. (Example: $1 off Revlon cosmetic from Rite Aid and $1 off Revlon cosmetic Manufacturer coupon can be used on 1 tube of lipstick that costs $4.50 to bring the price to $2.50. Just an example. I don't wear the stuff, so I have no clue as to how much it costs.)
  5. Quantity limitations should be observed. In other words, if your comp ad says limit of 10 per customer, then a limit of 10 will be given the comp ad price. Any additional products will be rung up at the Wal Mart price.
These are the changes that I have confirmed so far. I will be making a run tonight for the Olay and Safeguard soap I have coupons for, so I will be able to get more details then. If there are any other significant changes, I will post them here and on our Facebook page.

If you have any questions or comments please leave them below in our comments section.

Happy Shopping!!!


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