Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sunday paper insert schedule link

Here is another tool I have used in my coupon search to figure out which weeks I really wanted that Sunday paper. It is a tentative schedule for the Sunday inserts. Granted, here in the boon docks, we may or may not get all the inserts that are on the schedule. I have found that the Charleston Gazette is pretty accurate with this.

Sunday Coupon Review

And here is a run down of what I consider a general "what-is-where":

The P&G most often contains your coupons for Tide, Bounty, Downy, Charmin, Pampers, and other Proctor & Gamble products. It comes out once a month, and is usually in either the last or first Sunday paper.

Red Plum

The Red Plum inserts are usually 3 weeks a month. The coupons vary, but you can usually find decent coupons for Yoplait yogurt and cereal in these. You get lucky often and find some really good grocery items in these as well.

Red Plum also allows you to print off coupons from their website, The printable coupons are most often a limit of 2 prints per computer per period. They are frequently added and updated, so checking in a few days a week normally takes only a few minutes and can be worth the time if you have more than one computer in the home.


If you find a good coupon in the insert, most likely it is on the website. Print off your 2 coupons from one computer, then print them off from any other that you can get access to. Sometimes, you can go back in a day or two and reprint these before your shopping trip if you want.

Smart Source

Smart Source varies more frequently than others. You can still find the staples though. General Mills and Kelloggs cereal coupons are most often found here. You also can find Colgate coupons (Kroger has sales on this toothpaste frequently for $1 a tube which means it will either be free, or around a quarter per tube!!!), breakfast items, Tyson frozen item coupons, and Huggies here.

Smart Source also has their website,, where like the Red Plum, you can print off 2 of each coupon. Once again, updated frequently and new coupons are added often.


This is a general run-down of the inserts you find. In our area, we have the Gazette and Banner as our source for the inserts. The Logan Banner has not carried the Red Plum that I am aware of. You do find that on the holiday weekends (July 4th was one), they will put what I assume is any left over inserts into the paper. I am making this assumption because not all of the papers I got had inserts, and there were some which had the P&G, while others had the Smart Source. At least they tried though.

I am often referring to a clipping site called Coupon Dede in my match-up list. This is just my personal favorite among those I have seen. She is located in Ohio, so the coupons always are in my box by Saturday If ordered by Tuesday night. I have only tried a couple others, but she is my personal choice because of more flexibility in the time.

If you use a clipping service, you have to consider shipping time. Otherwise your coupons will not arrive in time to hit the sales. Foodland has their sales paper almost a week in advance which gives you more than enough time to gather your coupons. Kroger, however, is not available until after midnight Saturday night/ Sunday morning.

This only allows you 2 days to get your ducks in a row for Kroger when getting them from Ebay (my deadline is Monday evening), and 3 for coupons from my clipper (Tuesday night at the latest). This most often allows me to do my shopping either Friday or Saturday for my coupon trips. It is a tried and true strategy for being properly prepared.

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