Thursday, July 7, 2011

July 10-16 Foodland

These are deals that I found to be interesting in the sales paper for next week. As I find coupons to add to the deals, I will post them. There are some pretty decent meat deals as well, which of course do not have a coupon, but if you have spent $50.00 (before tax) since Sunday July 3, then you would have got a $5.00 off your future meat purchase coupon at check out from the catalina. This could be your chance to use these and stock up some on your meats!

Kool Aid Jammers 10 pk box  3/$5
          I was only able to find coupons on Ebay that were
          $for $2 off Kool Aid Jammers when you buy Kraft
          Macaroni and cheese. I am assuming that you could
          find the coupon on the Mac & Cheese. Will verify
          later on.

Fresh Express Iceberg garden Salad 10/$10 ($1 each)
Hunts Ketchup 24 oz bottle 10/$10 ($1 each)
Hunts BBQ Sauce 21.6 oz bottle 10/$10 ($1 each)

Ragu Spagetti Sauce 16-26 oz jar 2/$4 ($2 each)
          Coupons for Ragu are all over Ebay. Most of them
          are for 50c off one. These coupons double, making
          their value $1. Cutting the sale price in half for those
          who have them, making final price $1.00.

Orville Reddenbacher's Microwave popcorn $1.99 ea
          There were coupons on the popcorn boxes that were
          for .55c off one or $1.00 off 2. If you have either of
          these, it would cut your price to either $1.44 or $1.49,
          respectively. These coupons are hard to find.

Cheerios/ Cocoa Puffs Cereal 2/$5 (2.50 each)
          Cheerios coupons can be found on Coupon Dede,
          Ebay, or printed from The coupon is
          for 50c off one box of Cheerios, which doubles. Final
          cost, $1.50 each. Not too shabby.
          Depending on the "select variety" of Big G cereals on
          sale, you could also save 85c off Cookie Crisp Cereal,
          making this cereal $1.65. You can find coupons at
          the General Mills website.
          Coupons and things by Dede also has coupons for
           $1.00 off 2 boxes of General Mills cereals.

Pop-Tarts 12 ct 2/$5 (2.50 each)
          Coupons can be found on Ebay, Dede, and their website.
          They range from 55c off one to $1.00 off three. you just
          have to pick which one suits you best. Personally, I
          would get the $1/ 2 on ebay.

Kellogg's Cereal 3/$10 (3.33 each approximately)
          These coupons are not usually that strong unless you are
          buying Rasin Bran. You can find coupons for $1 off
          three in the Sunday insert all the time. You can also find
          them on all the sites mentioned here. May not be a huge
          savings, but if you are buying them already, why not
          save a little?

Soft Soap Pump 10/$10 ($1 each)
          OK... Here is where you learn how to buy envelopes on Ebay that have coupons included in them free... The soap is on sale for a buck each. I was only able to find these coupons on Ebay so far. However, the lots I found were getting over the $5 mark for lots of 10. You have to think about these carefully. The coupon is for 50c off one. They double, making the soap free at the store, but you are paying for the envelopes that contain the coupons (lol I know but legalities...). So you have to take into account this amount. at 5.00 a lot, I will be paying 50c per bottle if I use one seller which offers them for a buy it now. This is not bad to me, considering every sink in my home has these at them for easy use and I donate them to my kids' classrooms during the school year. Also remember your Ebay bucks! you get so many cents per dollar spent on Ebay every month. With my 4.00 (approximately) that I have in ebay bucks, I will only be paying about 10c per bottle! Not too shabby!

Huggies Wipes 64-72 ct pkg $2.49
          Huggies coupons can usually be found in the
          Smart Source on Sunday. Both newspapers,
          the Logan Banner and Charleston Gazette,
          contain these coupons. Usually you will find
          diapers, wipes, and a seasonal necessity coupon
          in there. Coupon Dede also has .50c off 1
          coupons for a handling fee of 8c.

Tropicana Fruit Juice Blends 64-72 oz carton 10/ $10 ($1 each)

Kraft Singles 12 oz pkg  2/$4 ($2 each)

Kraft Shredded or Chunk  Cheese 2/$5 ($2.50 each)


I do not represent Foodland in any way, shape, fashion, or form. I am merely a shopper who loves to get my groceries at the most affordable price I can. All information contained here is meant to be informative and makes no promises to anyone. Check your store for their sales.

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