Wednesday, July 27, 2011


There were rumors that Wal Mart would be doubling coupons soon. Yesterday, these rumors were confirmed by my cashier. They are going to start matching the local coupon policy as well as prices. This means that Wal Mart, in our area, will double up to .50c everyday.

There have been stores slowly added for months now. I did not want to advertise it until the rumors were a real deal. But from the info I have found, other stores that were started basically matched the competitors in the region. This means that if the local stores only matched on certain days, that was the new policy that they would adopt. Now, here is why I added this info.....

There were a couple employees here at our Foodland that told me that our store would tripple coupons for a short period of time or as a promotion. No details were decided just yet, but if and when it happens, maybe we will be able to get that deal too?

Here is how it will work....

     The way I understand it, the registers are not set up to double automatically. Since it is a trial stage, the cashier will adjust the price of the item to reflect the double amount, then scan your coupon. So you cannot just hand them a pile after scanning your items. Until it is set up, please make sure you are courteous of the store and go during slower hours. As you put your items on the belt, put the coupon with them. Finally, when the cashier is finished with the customer ahead of you and is no longer waiting on them, let them know that you have double coupons. A little warning can go a long way to catch their attention.

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  1. Oh.... forgot one thing. From the way I understand it, you can either price match, or you can double. From what all I have read, it is and either/or situation. You could not do both.