Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Foodland Coupon Policy

Foodland's coupon policy is pretty straight forward.

Manufacturer coupons up to and including .50 are doubled everyday.

Printed Internet coupons are accepted, with the discretion of the cashier and/or manager. Printed coupons are all uniquely numbered and copied coupons or suspected copied coupons will be rejected.

Doubling of coupons will not exceed the limit of the item being purchased. No overages will be allowed.


Watch for your catalina coupons! I cannot stress this enough!

During promotional periods, for every $50.00 purchase you will receive a $5.00 coupon toward your next meat purchase. The $50.00 is before taxes are applied, so be aware. Also, there is a limit of one $5.00 catalina allowed per order when redeemed. They do have a expiration, so be aware of their date. Typically, this is about 2 weeks from the original purchase.

There are often tags on the shelf that will alert you to a catalina offer. These are most commonly found in the baby section, but can appear anywhere throughout the store. Other areas I have seen these occur are with the single serve ice creams, pet foods, and in the dairy case. You can also ask the manager about any offers on the catalinas that you may need to check out!

Fuel Links

Fuel Links is another way that you get an additional bonus just for buying your groceries. Every $5.00 (before tax) will give you 1 cent off every gallon of gas you purchase using your Fuel Links. So if you get $100.00 worth of groceries, that saves you 20c off each gallon at the pump. Every penny counts, so be sure to keep your card with your check book or debit/credit cards.

Fuel Links points do expire if not used within 30 days. So be sure not to let your hard earned discount go to waste.

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